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By analyzing your program(s) with I2I you will…

  • Have peace of mind that you’ve validated your approach through a third party – not relying on the fox to guard the hen house
  • Have the data you need to handle management/employee objections and questions 
  • Have a defensible position with facts and research when challenged 
  • Be positioned as a good steward of company expenditures 
  • Be seen in your organization as a leader in influence and motivation

We can help you…

  • Identify where you currently have influence and where you need it 
  • Determine if your current performance improvement, recognition and reward initiatives are actually giving you results 
  • Find out if your various initiatives are consistently linked to your company objectives 
  • Include powerful psychological principles that drive behavior 
  • Link your initiatives to behaviors that will become standards 
  • Decrease costs and increase effectiveness 

We design new, or audit existing, motivation, incentive and reward programs to increase their effectiveness and reduce your costs.
Through the use of proven motivational theory, behavioral economics and social psychology we can help you drive extraordinary company performance.


View and/or download our brief overview presentation below.

Overview And Expected Outcomes 2009

View more presentations from Paul Hebert.

Client Experience

Our experience spans 20 years and many different industry verticals and distribution channels. Due to the strategic nature of our conversations and our recommendations, we do not provide client specific information. However, some of the clients/industries our consultants have experience with include:

  • Automotive Manufacturers 
  • Automotive Financial Services 
  • Automotive Aftermarket Product Manufacturers 
  • Banks and Banking 
  • Call Center Service Providers 
  • Fast-food Providers 
  • Software Companies 
  • Telecommunications Service Providers

Focused on YOUR goals

I2I occupies a unique space in the motivation consulting marketplace because we bridge the gap between strategies that sound great but are difficult to implement and fulfillment processes that are operationally sound but are not linked to strong strategy.
We exist because most organizations do not have an understanding of ALL the different ways they influence behavior within their organization…or the ways they could.

In addition, many companies do not have an overall influence strategy that helps to establish behavioral norms which drive performance toward common company objectives.

There are companies who sell motivation and performance improvement. However, these companies typically drive their revenue from the fulfillment elements of the program such as awards, travel, communications and program management.
In other words they are biased toward a specific solution.
There are few companies that are concerned with proper program design versus selling the awards themselves.

We believe design come first – fulfillment second.

We are only successful if your initiative drives results.

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