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One More Time – Worry About YOUR Employees Not Theirs


Lookinside Planning your incentive and reward strategy is about you.  Your company.  Your people.  Your culture.  

It is NOT about their culture, their people, their business.  But we (meaning 99% of us) are very, very interested in what others are doing.  

I posted the other day on Fistful of Talent about social proof (and got an expert to weigh in) – and it’s a #fact.  Social proof drives a lot of our behavior.  But to really define and design the best incentive and reward strategy in your company the LAST thing you want is social proof.  At least social proof of what others are doing.  That has ZERO value to you.

What has value for you – the designer, buyer, manager of incentive and reward programs is YOUR business and your employees.  

Here’s the net-net for you…Spend all your time understanding the business you have…

  • Survey your employees
  • Talk with your employees
  • Talk with your channel partners
  • Talk with your consumers

They are uniquely yours.  They do business with you, they stay with you, they work with you for a reason.  Understand that first.

Don’t Buy The Hype

When designing your program – don’t listen to the incentive company that says 80% of our clients are doing “X”.

Why?… Because you aren’t those 80%.  The problems you have are different.  The goals you have are different.  The people you have are different – as is your culture.

Look for Generalities Not Specifics

What you want to know is “people are influenced most by “X” – now, how can we apply that to your specific needs and within your specific culture.  The tactics used by 10 other companies have no bearing on the tactics that will work in your company.  From a behavioral standpoint, there are some general principles that apply to a wide variety of human psychology – but not the tactics.  Tactics are tactical.  They apply ONLY in those specific instances.

If you are hearing from your provider that a program with a very specific structure has been successful for 10 of their clients and they tell you it is what you should do… run away.  You don’t need a program designed for someone else.  You need a program designed for you.  

A great incentive and reward partner will push to do an audit first.  And be willing to discuss a “non-award” solution.  If they won’t work with you on a non-award solution – they are selling awards – not recognition and performance improvement.  Again – that is just a #fact.

I know it is more work for you.  It’s not as easy.  It is a bit harder to do the due diligence to understand your culture but in the end you have a bespoke program that will actually fit with your company, your audience, your needs.


Originally posted on on Incentive Intelligence

3 Responses to “One More Time – Worry About YOUR Employees Not Theirs”

  1. Scott Crandall says:

    Paul — Brainstorm: it just struck me that maybe we’re trying to influence the wrong people. People are self-motivated, but there are LOTs of influences, not least their boss, the culture, etc. Is anybody trying to influence MANAGERS to do the right things, lead toward appropriate goals in appropriate ways, build a more motivating, engaging atmosphere where people WANT to do better, work harder, accomplish more goals?
    I sure think that would be a worthwhile target audience — but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it done. What do you think? Anybody?

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  3. Symbolist says:

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