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Rules for Good Incentive Programs


Last week I was a guest host for a webinar on designing good incentive programs with Virgin HealthMiles.  The webinar was sponsored by Workforce Management as part of their virtual Benefits Conference.  I didn't see the archive link yet – and truthfully – I'm not sure if it will every be available.  When (if) it is I'll let you know.

But I did think you all might want to view a subset of the slides I discussed at the beginning of the webinar on why we have bad incentive design and how you can design a better incentive.  I've embedded them here.

The last slide sums up the entire discussion – and it may be worth printing this out and hanging on your wall to remind you what a good, well-designed incentive should look like.

Yeah… I know it seems easy.  

But as I said at the very begining of the webinar…

Incentive design is

  • 2/3 science
  • 1/3 art
  • 1/3 things you cannot control  

That's why they are so hard to get right.


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