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I2I In The Press – FOT and USA Today


Been a tough weekend and I don't have anything original to add here today.  But don't despaire… you can still get Incentive Intelligence goodness in two, two, two outlets today!


First… Fistful Of Talent Fotmoralhr

Do you practice "Moral HR?"  Do you know what that is?  It's doing what's right when you don't have to.  Check the post on Fistful Of Talent today and weigh in.  Do you think you practice moral HR – or do we really live in a Gordan Gekko world?  Your call…



Second… USA Today on Incentive Trips

Usatodayimage Had the pleasure of chatting with Charisse Jones from USA Today the other day on incentive travel awards in today's economy.  Her article (along with Roger Yu) was posted yesterday online.  Yeah… we get a bit of a nod in the article.  Not sure if it made the print version (if someone saw it let me know in the comments.)

If you're at all interested in what is going on in the industry and what other incentive companies are experiencing it's a good snap shot of today's incentive travel world.

(also… here's one from last year where gave some input as wellUsing trips as rewards for star employees makes a comeback )

So there ya go… two nuggest from Incentive Intelligence… No go tell your friends all about it.


And – take some time today and reach out to a person you know on social media and talk to them phone-2-phone or face-2-face.  It might just make a difference.



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