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Why I Exist – Step One in I2I Rumspringa



In the day-to-day rush to get stuff done you can sometimes forget where you came from and what you originally wanted to accomplish. 

No journey ever follows the exact path you lay out at the onset.  My, and this business’s journey, is no exception. 

I’m in the process of reevaluation – for myself and for I2I.  Part of that process is to begin where I began.  Many folks forget that step.  They start planning from where they are versus where they wanted to be.

Here’s where I started…Where I WANTED to be…

I2I (and by extension me) Exists To Accomplish the Following:

  1. Help companies influence behavior in their organizations in an ethical and sustainable way in order to accomplish their objectives WHILE helping their audience achieve their goals.  The part of the sentence that comes after the word “while” is important.  The MOST important part of that sentence.
  2. Help companies understand what really drives employee and channel engagement.  Not the stuff that they see on the web or the stuff they get from their incentive sales person.  The truth.  The reality.
  3. Help companies understand that program design is more important than the award.  Anyone can deliver a trophy or a trinket.  It takes a lot more experience (read failure) to design a program that works (see #1.)
  4. Get paid for #1-3

Pretty simple plan.  And it has been somewhat successful. 

I’ve helped companies with their employee programs to increase communication and training and reduce reliance on trophies and trips.  I’ve helped client rethink the ways they can engage WITHOUT using awards through social media, new technologies and simply writing better copy in their program and company communications.

And I’ve had some zigs along with zags as I walked my intended path…

  • I’ve helped incentive companies market themselves better.
  • I’ve worked with incentive companies behind the scenes on program design for their clients.
  • I’ve worked with start-ups in the incentive space offering advice and my point of view of the industry.
  • I’ve connected companies with similar goals and differing capabilities to create new solutions for their respective clients (not mine unfortunately.)
  • I have said yes to every request to help.  Either by directly helping – or by connecting the requester with someone I trust and value so they can help.  Every request.  Every.Single.One.

Many of the zigs and zags outside my “where I want to be” list didn’t pay a dime. 

But I’ve found myself off the planned path more often than expected spending more unpaid time on the zags and zigs.

Therefore, reevaluation.

Just thought I’d give you all the heads up as I go on a professional “Walkabout” if you will.  I’ll have some updates as I ruminate and will be asking for your help.

So… Off I go… Walkabout, Rumspringa, Whatever.



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2 Responses to “Why I Exist – Step One in I2I Rumspringa”

  1. Ann Bares says:

    Kudos to you for being disciplined about rechecking and reevaluating. As a fellow indie traveler, I’ll look forward to your Rumspringa ruminations!

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