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All of the Above – Influence Poll



I saw a post on one of my LinkedIn groups that offered up a poll with the question:

“According to you what is the best way to get more from your employees?”

Here’s a screen grab of the poll and the choices offered…

Chose One?

I looked at the choices and thought – one?  Why not all? 

There is no “best” way.

Some noob incentive planner or HR person may read the outcome from this poll and immediately start working to design a reward program. 

But that would be wrong, wrong, wrong.

Hey – you know me – I’m a big fan of appreciation and personal touch (as long as it doesn’t violate any sexual harassment policies.)  But I’m not a big fan of carpet bombing employees with touchy feely programs that do nothing but inflate egos, devalue effort and confuse activity.

The real fact is that while appreciation and a personal touch are important, it is only important when it supports alignment of behaviors (#5) and individual objectives (#1) aligned and connected with team goals (#5) which are measured and reported (#2) to reinforce company culture (#4 – whether entrepreneurship or something else.)

See where I’m going?

Just being appreciative without the foundation of objectives, goals, alignment, cultural understanding and a way to measure things won’t do the trick.

Appreciation needs to link to the other stuff.

And the other stuff needs to link to appreciation and personal connections.

Employees (heck – even channel members) are part of a system.  You can’t focus on one element of that system at the exclusion of the others.  They interact.  They connect.  The reinforce.

All of these elements are important and without one or two of them the “best way” won’t exist.

Take time to review your reward system to make sure you’re not missing an important element.  Don’t fall victim to “simple thinking.”  Don’t look for the “the ONE BEST way.


Originally posted on on Incentive Intelligence

4 Responses to “All of the Above – Influence Poll”

  1. Excellently put. Too many times we encounter organizations who want to start an employee recognition program but have no idea what their goals are or what behaviors they want to target…or even why they need to consider these things. They are looking to set up a recognition program only  “because they were tasked to”. Not surprisingly, these are usually the programs that fail to engage employees because they don’t see the purpose and the programs are soon ended because management can’t see the ROI. Developing a targeted focus that aligns with your corporate goals and promotes your core values is key to a successful program.

    • Paul Hebert says:

      Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, too often we see results from these kinds of polls that show “appreciation” is the most important thing and the company is off and running appreciating everything and anything with no strategy and no direction. That, IMHO, is worse than nothing at all.

  2. Trish McFarlane says:

    I’m just grateful there is an “OR” between noob incentive planner and HR person. :) seriously, really good post!

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