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Hey Forbes – I Award You No Points And May God Have Mercy On Your Soul


Some days it is almost too tiring.  Too Sisyphean.  It really is almost not worth it anymore.

Forbes published a recent post called “How to Boost Employee Engagement With Two Simple Words.”

Many incentive and reward blogs linked to it – high-fived themselves and waited for the phone to ring from people wanting to learn how to apply this new, sure-fire employee engagement technique.


The author should be embarrassed.  Forbes should be embarrassed.  I should be embarrassed for linking to the post and for having read it.  We should ALL be embarrassed this type of ordure is part of our business reading.

Do those of you in HR think this is ALL you need to do?  Those of you who are managers out there, do you really believe you can increase the effectiveness of your team by ONLY saying “Thank You?”

Great, Just Great

Pogo had it right many years ago.  We are our own worst enemy.

I can only say this… in the most condescending tone possible…(some subscribers may need to click here to see video)



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