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Symbolist Lives!


The nail biting is over.  The decisions regarding logo colors and website fonts are made (can I just say that I’m really glad to be done with those).  The new name, the new website, the new look and feel is now here!

As of 4:00 pm CDT on 10/22/2012, The Miller Company is officially Symbolist.  And with that name change we increase our focus on a new perspective for our clients and the marketplace.  We believe it’s time for a greater awareness of the emotional impact Recognition and Reward Systems have on people.   We’ll be working to build RRS that connect the hearts and minds of people to the organizations where they work.

Our move from The Miller Company to Symbolist wasn’t taken on lightly.  We talked about it – a lot.  We had some great brand equity with the old name based on our work with clients – some we’ve had for 20 years.  We weren’t looking for change just because we thought changing things would be cool and we knew that doing this right would be a lot of work.  It’s common for us to tell a client we help them “hold a mirror up to their culture” – now we had the opportunity to look in that same mirror.  We celebrated some things. We changed some things, and some things we’re still plowing through…

Over the course of examining who we are and where important work is happening, we became convinced the market needs a more personal and emotional solution to engagement.  We know that true, long-term engagement with employees or channel partners cannot happen simply because you have the best “deal” in the market.  Companies need to be able to cross the chasm from a purely transactional relationship with employees into the emotional realm where people “feel” the connection, not just measure it in compensation, points, or prizes.

So…how to do something real with hearts, minds and feelings?  We think the answer is in symbols – literal and figurative – that tell a story.  In a healthy company, people want to know how they matter and what big goal their company is trying to achieve.  In companies all over the world, people walk in the office doors each morning hoping to make a difference – we think that’s a great opportunity for companies to become stronger.  Symbolist will work with clients to be places where employees know why they matter, know where the company is going and have an expectation that they will contribute.  We’ll help our clients be better places to work…

Watch our site, subscribe to our blog and various twitter accounts to be continually updated on the changes we’re going to bring to the recognition, reward and incentive space.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more from us in the future.

Any questions feel free to reach out to me by email or call us at 800-498-6885.  We love to have conversations!

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