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Employee Engagement Is Good – Let’s move on…



Seems that companies looking to drive a few more hits to their site and hope for some sort of sales bonanza cannot avoid doing some post about the benefits of employee engagement.

Let me put the discussion to rest…

Employee Engagement Is Good

Good for the employee, good for the company, good for the employee’s family, good for the manager, good for the people who serve lunch near the office building and good for the stockholders.  Everybody wins when you have proper employee engagement.

To help you put your need to subscribe to another webinar on engagement or read yet another poorly constructed post about why you need engagement to rest, I offer the slide presentation below from Tanith Dodge, HR Director for Marks & Spencer plc.  He (they) put together a pretty sweet little PowerPoint that includes a metric ton of evidence of why employee engagement is good.

Take a gander then bookmark this page and come back to it when you find yourself confronted with yet another article on the benefits of employee engagement.  (Granted – it’s for the UK market but you know it translates over the pond…)


Employee engagement the evidence from Engage for Success


It’s time to move on.

What you really need to ask yourself is this… HOW do I drive engagement?

That is the next frontier.

The value of engagement is yesterday’s news.  Let’s put a fork in it and move on to the main course and design a plan that will move your organization from one of knowing you need engagement to one that HAS employee engagement.


5 Responses to “Employee Engagement Is Good – Let’s move on…”

  1. Ken Milloy says:

    Paul – thanks for the post – the slide show is excellent and your message of ‘Let’s get on with it!’ is absolutely on the mark and one that should be heard by all involved. I sense we have played at the edges with engagement and need to move well beyond into world of process and system

    • Paul Hebert says:

      Thanks for the comment Ken – appreciate it. I know many of my clients are thinking the same thing now… they “get it” and are getting bored with sitting through vendor presentations on “why” they should do engagement when what they really want to know is “how” to get moving.

      • Ken Milloy says:

        Seeing the same thing…and also seeing that when the top hasn’t got it the rest of the organization is pushing upward and outward to have it…I’m thinking the next few years are going to be a blast! Cheers,

  2. Symbolist says:

    […] Employee Engagement Is Good – Let’s move on… (symbolist.com) […]

  3. Symbolist says:

    […] Employee Engagement Is Good – Let’s move on… (symbolist.com) […]

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