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7 Strategies to Get Your Employees to Refer Superheroes!



You may know I write over at Fistful Of Talent (the ahem, #1 HR website without checking google) and in addition to the wonderful writing and thoughtful and respectful commentary (ha!) we also bring some interesting and helpful webinars to the HR ecosystem.

Tomorrow is no different.  Tomorrow we’ll be talking REFERRAL programs.  But not your ordinary referral programs.  Referral programs that snag your competitor’s superheroes!

The webinar is March 27 at 1:00 pm EDT.

So what’s it all about?

With the help from the folks at Zao, fellow FOTers Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett will be laying down seven strategies that are guaranteed to put your employee referral program on another planet.

So, how do you get your competitor’s talent to come over to your side and put on your company’s cape?

A great employee referral program is the key.

Join us Wednesday March 27 at 1pm ET and we’ll hit you with the following:

  • Seven surefire ways to engage your best employees and increase referrals (while ensuring your employees don’t refer SuperDuds!)
  • How to develop an internal communication strategy for your employee referral program.
  • The keys to sustaining your program long-term.
  • How and why trends like gamification can lead to better employee referral results.
  • The top three reasons 99% of employee referral programs fail and how you can make sure your employee referral program is delivering the goods all year long.

Don’t let your employee referral program fall to the Legion of Doom.

Register now for The SuperFriends: 7 Strategies to Get Your Superhero Employees to refer Their Arch Nemesis!

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