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Employee Appreciation Day – How About Employee Valuation Day?



Today is Employee Appreciation Day and I wrote yesterday urging companies to boycott the “event” and look to recognize and appreciate their employees on an ongoing basis.

Appreciation is nice, but what we really want as employees (are you listening “management”?) is to be valued. That’s right.  We want to know that if we didn’t show up and do the work that someone might just miss having us around.

We want validation.  We want – dare I say it… valuation.  We want to be valued.

Balance Sheet Valuation

A while back on the HRExaminer website I wrote a post called Nice Assets: Fair Market Value of Employees.  The gist of the post was that companies should be looking to find ways to value their employees so that the impact they have on the business can be quantified and considered when determining the value of the company.  Coca-Cola lists its brand value on the balance sheet, why not its “employee value?”  If companies can do that, then investors can start to place different market values on companies who have great employee practices.  If you read the comments on that post there was a lot of push back and discussion.

My ultimate point was if it is important – someone will find a way to do it.

Well… I wasn’t wrong (for the record – I rarely am – however I have been mistaken about that a few times…)

Wall Street Factors Talent Into “Best Companies” List

I saw that headline in my LinkedIn feed the other day.  Here’s the link to it but if you’re not on LinkedIn you won’t be able to see it.  To recap…

Today, the Motley Fool unveiled its list of the 25 Best Companies in America for 2012, powered in part by LinkedIn data.  What sets their list apart from other investment rankings is exactly what inspired us to collaborate with them on this project: an emphasis on Talent. The research team at the Motley Fool considered how well each company served all of its stakeholders last year: including investors, customers, employees, and the world at large.  To help measure the “employee” piece, LinkedIn granted The Motley Fool behind-the-scenes access to our full set of InDemand Employer Rankings, which score the most sought-after employers based on billions of interactions between members and companies on LinkedIn.com.

Is this scoring perfect?  No.  Is this widely adopted?  No.  Is it moving in the right direction?  Yes.

It only takes a few of these types of ratings and some tangible results to really get some momentum behind this kind of thing.  Especially in the investing world where a small piece of information such as “employee engagement” can make a huge difference when investing.  If there is a connection you better believe Wall Street will find a way to leverage it (pun intended.)

Employee valuation = valuing employees – radical and not so radical.

Recognize your employees – let them know you value  them and if they didn’t show up on Monday you’d miss them.  It is good for them, good for you and maybe, just maybe, good for your stock price.

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