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Human Businesses – They Do Exist!



NBC Nightly News ran a story last night about a restaurant in Albuquerque, NM – Tim’s Place – run by a young man with Down Syndrome.  Tim is a Special Olympian and a special person.  His restaurant is billed as the world’s friendliest restaurant.  They say Tim has handed out over 30,000 hugs so I’m sure no one will argue that fact.

While the obvious story is Tim and his special circumstances – the real story IMHO – is the fact that this business is more than a restaurant.  Is is a mood adjuster and a cause (see their website for the pages on Special Olympics and National Down Syndrome Congress.)

They are having a much bigger impact on their customers – more than just on their bellies.

Take a minute out of your day and watch the video below.  It is inspiring.

(Subscribers may have to click through to see the video embedded below.)

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4 Responses to “Human Businesses – They Do Exist!”

  1. Guest says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Paul – it puts what we do into in HR into perspective,

  2. Rory Trotter says:

    Thanks for sharing, Paul – puts what we do in HR into perspective.

  3. Symbolist says:

    […] Human Businesses – They Do Exist! (symbolist.com) […]

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