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Engagement Infographic



Infographics have swarmed the internet like the locusts of Biblical fame.  It would seem that information cannot exist today without a graphic to accompany it.

When infographics first hit the scene I thought they were interesting and fun.  But that was back when people actually spent time to think about the data, what it meant and how it could be represented.  Now (sigh) it seems that anything that includes a colorful chart and a % sign is an infographic.  As my friend Frank Roche recently said on twitter, “All we need now to push them over the edge is to use Comic Sans.”

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for communicating information.  Communication is key to engagement.  That said – I really don’t think we need to turn everything into a graphic novel to get someone’s attention.  Or maybe we do.  Welcome to Short Attention Span Theater.

But – not being one to fight a trend (yeah, “right,” they all said silently as they read that statement) – below is my first attempt at an infographic. I shared this last week on twitter and on our company Facebook page  (feel free to follow us and like our page, hint , hint) and it seemed to resonate with a few folks so I thought I’d turn it into a post for the blog.

I know there are no bar charts or pie charts… but I think it sums up employee engagement – or any kind of engagement – pretty well.  (Click the image if you want to open up a PDF version for download.  Subscribers may need to click through to the post to get the link.)

How to Do Engagement Right

Engagement is about helping people up – not pushing them down.  If you help people achieve their goals you will engage them.

How do you do it?  Well, that journey, has multiple paths.

Engagement has one destination, one goal but many, many solutions.  Which one is best for you and your company?

Ah… that’s where the conversation really needs to start.

Let’s chat.

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