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Organizational Change Means Leaders Have to Work



[New post from Tom Miller – President and founder of Symbolist.  You can read more about him and where he’ll be this year on our Leadership page.]

I just got back from The Change Leaders Conference where change management practitioners from around the world meet to discuss what’s going on in their space.  We’re all alumni of the same program, so we share a common language and are very open about what we think.  It’s one of my favorite events of the year – I love the people and many have become good friends and, from a business standpoint, I get to exercise my brain differently.

The subject matter is never specifically “recognition”, yet it always relates to my world because everyone there is deeply interested in how to impact people – on an individual basis and at an organizational level.  The conversations I have with these folks always supercharge my thinking and make me reflect on what I’m doing, where Symbolist is headed and what I think is happening in the space we occupy.

Here are some of the thoughts I came home with…

  • Technology is important and can do some really cool stuff – but it is quickly becoming a hygiene issue as everyone has access to the same tools.
  • Mechanisms, tactics, processes and systems are all necessary and important – but these things are becoming part of the “known universe” and are moving toward commoditization.
  • If hygiene issues are in place, then organizational success is about people.  It really is.  It really, really, really is.


There’s a lot of work in those five words – organizational success is about people – but organizations will win when they work hard to create environments where individuals can thrive.

The solution however, lies in a really cool mix of both science and art – no way is this a one size fits all endeavor.  Because it is specific to your company it makes it all the more important for a company’s leadership to wake up every morning and think about how to create a place people want to be.

Get ready to get dirty – this is really big work.  While the tactics you employ are getting commoditized – your approach and your specific culture isn’t – it’s unique and it’s on every leader to make it happen.  If you do it well, you win – and no one can copy your work.

But when you do it well, everyone wins.

The leader wins.  The company wins.  The employee wins.  The customer wins.

While this isn’t really about you as a leader… it is your job to create the environment and help everyone thrive.  You are the catalyst.

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