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Breaking Through – The Frontier Project by @JasonLauritsen and @JoeGerstandt


As a company we like breaking barriers even though many times “the first guy through the wall always gets bloody.  Always.”

The Frontier Project is a barrier breaking event.  It is being put together by the bad boys from Talent AnarchyJoe Gerdstandt and Jason Lauritsen – and it is designed to help create the future of HR.  I think it will be an experience that will change the way you practice your craft as an HR person and the way you approach problems and work with teams.

We’re partnering with the boys to bring this new event to you.  Click here – or on the image in the side bar – register and get a 35% discount.  Yup 35% DISCOUNT.  As the ad says – “you can always use more money.”

Check the newest slide show below on the event – then go register. (Email/RSS subscribers may need to click through to see video.)

C’mon – Let’s go break through some walls together – let’s go get bloody!


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