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Making Your Company Beautiful



We’ve all heard about putting lipstick on a pig – trying to make something pretty by just adding some surface enhancements.

Too often employee programs fall into this category.  Companies read about zappos (everybody drink!) or the new engagement wunderkind – google, and their “fact-based approach” to engagement – and say “Bring me one of those.”

But they miss the point.

The point is that your reward and recognition system (RRS) is only as good as the underlying core beliefs and actions of the majority of the people in the company.  No amount of “googlizing” or “zapposizing” your company benefits, systems or rewards will turn you into a world-class engagement machine.

It just won’t.

You can change your company but only within the confines of who you are and who you hire and reward.  Your corporate personality, culture and approach are uniquely you and that is where your value in the market lies.

Focus on being you.  Focus on being the best company you can be.

And remember – no one can create your culture.  Not even us.

Staying with the makeup metaphor – well-applied makeup doesn’t create beauty…
it reveals it.


And in the same vein – our program recommendations don’t create your culture…

they help you reveal it.


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