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Our Own Brian Dodds Now President of RPI



As you’ve read in a few of our posts recently we operate by working hard to be sustainable, relevant and interested.  This applies personally as well as professionally.  One way we as a company can be relevant is to invest in the current state of our industry.  It is our way of giving back as well as a way to be sure we’re doing all we can to be the best partner for our clients.

We therefore actively support industry associations.  One we have been involved with for many years is the RPI – Recognition Professionals International.

DoddsRPIAnd this year one of our own – Brian Dodds, VP Solutions Design – is the new President of the RPI.  He transitioned to that role at the recent annual meeting in New Orleans.

You can read the full press release by clicking here.  Or download a PDF of it here.

To pull from the release:

In his new role Brian called for the organization to continue to grow RPI’s influence on industry education.  RPI’s Certified Recognition Professional training is the only accredited recognition certification available in the market.  With over 350 graduates from the many of the Fortune 500 top practitioners and the majority of the industry’s top resource providers, CRP has become the benchmark for recognition professionals.  “We are THE source for approved and effective recognition education.  No other training can give you the knowledge and practical application our CRP certification can” says Dodds, “And we need to make sure more companies understand that, and take advantage of it.” 

argggh brian doddsWe here at Symbolist know Brian well – and we know when he puts his mind to something, it happens.  We are all looking forward to big ideas and new successes with the RPI in 2013 and beyond!

Thanks Brian for taking the time to do this and thanks for being on our team!

2 Responses to “Our Own Brian Dodds Now President of RPI”

  1. Lori Rains says:

    Congrats Brian! So proud of you.

  2. brianrhea says:

    Congratulations, Dodds! I know you’ll serve RPI and its members well. They’re fortunate to have you!

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