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We Are Your Culture Personal Trainer



There are 100s of companies that will sell you “culture change” or state they will “create a culture of fill in blank.”

Don’t call us if that is what you’re looking for.

See – your culture can’t be created by an outsider.  Only you can do that.

What we CAN do is:

… help you reinforce a culture.

… help point out things you’re doing that are contrary to the culture you want.

… help you identify the behaviors that are the manifestation of your culture.

But you… and only you… can actually change your company’s culture.

I (we) are great at helping you identify the steps needed to reinforce the right behaviors and ignore the wrong ones but at the end of the day – YOU have to do the changing.  You have to do the work.

If anyone tells you they can change your culture – or create a new one.  They are selling snake oil.

Like most things in this world that have any real value – you have to earn them.  You have to work for it.

Consider us your “culture personal trainer.”

We aren’t going to do the work for you but you better believe we’re gonna be in your face making sure you know what to do and we WILL hold you accountable.

If you’re ready to do some work, give us a call.  If you’re lazy – go buy a “belt” that promises you it will give you the body of a greek god without any work.

Then call us when that doesn’t work.  We’ll still be here – ready to make you sweat.

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