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Human Doing – Finding Symboli in the Wild!


The Human Tour

tom miller 6-2013[New post – Human Doing – Finding Symboli in the Wild! from Paul Hebert – Vice President Solution Design. You can read more about him and where he’ll be this year on our Leadership page.]

We have quite a few people who subscribe and read our posts here at Symbolist and we are supremely thankful that you all take your time and engage with us either in the comments or through your retweets and/or mentions on Facebook.  (BTW – did you know we have a Facebook page?  You bet we do – click here.)

Thank you for being part of our “tribe.”

But what we publish here and on our other social properties is only a small sampling of who we are and how we can help you accomplish your goals.  Having the opportunity to engage with us in a more human way is the best way to get to know us (and hopefully love us.)

And lucky for you – there are a few great opportunities to do just that coming soon.

Between now and the middle of August you can connect with various Symboli either via webinar or in person.  We know that many of our fans follow us like fans of the Grateful Dead or Phish – so get ready – jump into your VW Microbus and follow us to these gigs this summer!


July 30, 2013 2:00 PM EDT
Enterprise Engagement Alliance Webinar

Communication For Enterprise Engagement

EEAlogo3Presenters – Paul Hebert VP Solutions Design (go Symbolist!) and Allan Schweyer: Director of Curriculum and Certification Development and President of TMGov.org and a Partner and Principal at the Center for Human Capital Innovation

Join me when I take pretty deep dive into the key role of communication media and style you need in order to help create a holistic “enterprise engagement” strategy.  Along with my co-presenters we’ll outline the various types of communications related to engagement, including: print, digital, social media, video, and promotional products (yes koozies have a place!) and show how they can be integrated to help achieve your organizational objectives related to engagement.


July 31, 2013 1:00 PM EDT

HR.com Recognition and Rewards Virtual Event

Embedded Corporate Language and Reward & Recognition Systems

HRdotcom2Presenter – Tom Miller, President Symbolist

If you don’t know Tom you should – he’s a straight shooter and smart.  You can read some of his blog posts on our site here – or read his bio here.

His session later this month will focus on helping HR build an “effective” reward and recognition system instead of simply installing an “efficient” one. Tom will explain what “embedded language” is and how it defines your culture and how you can use it to help you create a program that connects emotionally to your audience and builds long-term engagement and commitment.


August 19, 2013 3:30 PM CDT
ILSHRM – Illinois SHRM State Conference

How to Humanize Your Employee Engagement ( link to pdf of concurrent speakers)

ilshrmPresenter – Paul Hebert VP Solutions Design

Wonder why employee engagement continues to drop even as businesses increase their spending on “engagement” activities?  Wonder no more.  I’ll be talking about how even though the past few years has seen a major increase in the number of companies offering technology solutions focused on rewards and recognition engagement continues to drop.  I’ll talk about how today’s technology driven programs have actually created recognition robots and reduced the impact of recognition within the company.  Employees are not looking for electronic recognition with “suggested” copy and “easy to click buttons” – they are looking for real, authentic, personal human connections.

I’ll talk about why humans need emotional connections, how technology is failing us, and discuss the best way to create emotional connections with employees.

Three opportunities to connect with us in person (sorta…) and hear how we’re putting the human back into rewards and recognition.

We hope you make time for these events – and thanks for helping us spread the word on how companies can create a workplace where people can be themselves, can add value (both to the company and to themselves) and feel connected based on what they personally value and what the company values.


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