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Money Quotes: “How Will You Measure Your Life?”


tom miller 6-2013[New post from Paul Hebert – Vice President Solution Design. You can read more about him and where he’ll be this year on our Leadership page.]

defending your life

This book is an extension of  a commencement speech that Clayton Christensen gave to the Harvard Business School 2010 spring graduating class.

The result  is either a self-help book masquerading as a business book or a business book masquerading as a self-help book.

Either way it is a wonderful book that looks at life, happiness, meaning, and integrity through Mr. Christensen’s familiar lens of “business” and creates some guidelines (not rules) that can help all of us find a more honest and enjoyable path through life and through work.

The book comprises three sections:

  1. Finding happiness in your career – the true basis of motivation and reward
  2. Finding happiness in your relationships – spending time consistent with your priorities
  3. Living with integrity – the pitfalls of marginal thinking

There is a lot of opinion in this book.  Opinion informed by facts, research, data and intelligence.  But at the end of the day it is one (actually three) man’s opinion on how to find meaning and happiness in your life.  There are many books written that profess to have the “5 Ways to Drive Engagement” or the “3 Simple Rules of Leadership.”  This isn’t that kind of book.

However, I do think that as a manager, as an employee and/or as an executive – this book provides a pretty strong outline of the things you can do for yourself – and more importantly for/with your subordinates, partners and colleagues – to drive greater emotional connection to your work – and their work.

This book can, I believe, do more for engagement in your company than foosball tables and free beer.

Using this book as a management tool will pay dividends for many years.

I’ve summarized some of quotes that resonated with me in this slide presentation.  These are not exhaustive… there are many, many other ideas and points of view that are important.

I will be incorporating a lot of what is in this book into my own day-to-day activity – and in how I deal with my family, friends and co-workers.

I hope this little sampler gives you a reason to buy the book.  It is well worth your time – but only if you do something with it!

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