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Finding Your Potential – Pushing to Your Edge



Chad Truby[Pushing to Your Edge – New post from Chad Truby – VP Business Development. You can read more about him on our Leadership page.]

What is your Potential?  How do you find your full potential?  Can you?

I think so – with help.  Let me explain.

I recently attended an advanced Yoga class with my wife.  As I walked into the room/studio, I found myself surrounded by “yogi’s” far beyond my ability.  I mean seriously….yoga pants with skulls? That’s hard core  Part of me said “sweet,” but a bigger part of me was saying…”what the hell am I in for?”

And just in case I needed any additional clues that I was in for a real treat, the instructor gazed at me with a smile and said “Welcome, this ought to be entertaining.”

As we started the class I kept asking myself; “What is the lesson here?  How far could I go?  What could I accomplish?”  Although I have been doing yoga for a few months (at a remedial level mind you), this class was testing my skill, endurance, and strength.  In other words with each pose/move I needed to find my edge, and push slightly past what I initially thought I could do.

A Little Help

But I didn’t do this alone.  I had help that enabled me to find my edge and see my potential.  That help was our instructor.

The instructor continually encouraged the class to be playful, experience something new, to find our edge.  Through her reinforcement she created a safe environment that enabled the entire class to fail with no regrets.  We were encouraged to push ourselves so we could learn what we were capable of – to actually see and feel our new level of potential.  And we could do it with little fear of failing.

Your Turn

So…how are you pushing and how are you finding your edge?

If you are leading people, how are you fostering an environment where your team can safely fail and find their edge?  Trust me….if someone is afraid to fail they will not test their edge and rarely will they reach their full potential.  Are you helping them push past the norm of their “everyday tasks” to experience something new?

Looking for engagement with your team?  Help them find their potential.  Help them push past their edge.

Help them fail – safely.

There is great reward in the success of a win, and in the lesson of a failure.

Both should be recognized.


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