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It’s January 2 – Complete Your Annual Goals Yet?



paul hebert[It’s January 2 – Complete Your Annual Goals Yet? – From Paul Hebert-VP Solution Design. Read more about him on our Leadership page.]

Sound familiar?

A few weeks ago your boss gave you some goals for the year and then a few days, weeks, months later he/she’s all up in your grill about how things are going.

Really?  They think your annual (heck make it quarterly) goals are going to be done in ¼ or even a 1/3 of the time – or than any particular list of steps you’ve completed will be any real evidence of your ability to complete the objective or that you’re doing the right things at the right time when all he/she knows is that you both agreed to reconfiguring the Weekly Estimated Net Usage System (WENUS).

Having annual – or any other long-term goals are good business practice.  We need to know where we want to ultimately end up – like the caterpillar said to Alice…

“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

Great Goals are Achieved Through Better To-Do Lists

I’m a firm believer in goals – targets that allow us set a course and ultimately stand at the bow of the ship, arms spread shouting – “I’m King of the World.”

But I’m a bigger believer in to-do lists and checking boxes.

Many resolutions this time of year are very, very broad and comprise a lot of minor, little, but important, sub-steps.  Many of the goals you set in business cannot be accomplished without hitting small interim sub-goals.  Adding a new customer is more than a single call.  Getting 100 more subscribers to your blog isn’t just a simple one time request (by the way click here to see how we’re doing subscriptions here at Symbolist this year… wink, wink.)

There are many, many smaller goals on your to-do list and THOSE are the really important things that you need to have happen in order for the big things to happen.  I know I’m not telling YOU anything new – you’re the one fending off the boss who wants to know about progress on your “BHAG” and why that’s not completed yet.

This post is for the boss.

Hey boss… why not help out by providing your point of view on the small steps?

How about you taking time to visit your team and help them craft their to-do lists?  Your experience and ability to remove roadblocks is what is needed right now – not your over the shoulder micro-management of the big picture.

Take time early in the process – like today – January 2nd – to help provide guidance on the to-do list – and while you’re at it how about a little recognition and support on the little achievements that add up to the big goal.  Small acts of recognition focused on the small to-dos contributing to the big goal is the real fuel for engagement in your organization.

How about you make that your 2014 resolution?

How ’bout it?

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