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betsy nichols

The Four-Letter Word You Can’t Say at Work

  I’m a “love” person. It’s a regular part of my communication. “I loved hanging out”…”We’d love to visit with you”…”I’d love to help”…it adequately captures my emotional expression in the moment. But when I got into the business world my first boss chided me on the practice. “That’s not professional, Betsy. Find another word.”…It […]

Encouragement & Connection: What We Need to Succeed.

    Two weeks ago I met an Indian professor who had the bold idea that kids in Indian slums with little to no formal education had the capacity to teach themselves the same material other children were learning from teachers. That thesis materialized in the form of an experiment: He put a computer in […]

You are the Brand

  I was a 20-something grad student working at Starbucks when the owner of a wealth management firm offered me a job. At the end of the interview we exchanged excitement over the future and then he looked at me seriously and said “Do you need a signing bonus for clothes”? All of a sudden I didn’t […]

There is IQ and EQ – But Do You Have HQ?

[There is IQ and EQ – But Do You Have HQ? – From Betsy Nichols – Employee Engagement Architect. Read more about her on our Leadership page.  And because you know you need it – don’t forget to subscribe to one of our subscription options for 2014 here.] Think of the best leaders of your life. […]