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Being Relevant Takes Effort

[New post from Tom Miller – President and founder of Symbolist.  You can read more about him and where he’ll be this year on our Leadership page.] What do you do to be better at your work? For most of us, staying relevant requires that we regularly invest time and energy in gathering and absorbing information, […]

Can Technology Make Your Company More Human?

Here at Symbolist we’ve kinda made it our mission to bring the “human” back to company reward and recognition systems.  Unfortunately, over the past decade or so old industry players – and new upstarts (‘specially those from the tech world) have been working day and night to “make recognition and rewards easy.”  Heck – we have our […]

EQ/MQ/BQ – Better than IQ

No doubt, having a high “IQ” is wonderful and I’m all for those brilliant people that are born with innate intelligence using that gift to accomplish great things. Here’s the deal though…none of us have much say over our respective IQs. The dye was pretty well cast when we were born with the foundational tools […]