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Motivation Science

Double the Incentive – Reduce the Impact

I am a fan of incentives. I’ve on record defending them when the book Drive came out 8 years ago and basically tried to shunt them into the dust bin of management and motivation ideas. But they shouldn’t be ignored. Incentives are great when seeking to break behavioral inertia. They are great when want to […]

Acting Our Way to Employee Engagement. Are Incentives the Answer?

I had a short conversation with a friend this morning on the best way to change behavior. It was sparked by the information in a study CVS released yesterday. The study highlights the results of experiments CVS conducted to see what worked best to get people to quit smoking. The study showed greater behavior change […]

Go Team – And Me Too! Incentives for All

Over the past few years, there has been a lot of negative press about incentives. Specifically that incentives don’t work, they are a hangover from “motivation 1.0” and really don’t apply to today’s workforce. While that may make good PR for a book, the fact is that incentives work as well today as they did […]

#Humanize Your Business – Stop Talking About Money!

“When it comes to money, people aren’t pursuing stacks of green paper or a collection of copper disks—they’re interested in what those objects represent. The pull of money, the economy and most behavioral research agree, is symbolic.” The reference to money as a motivator and being “symbolic” in that quote is not lost on this […]

Rewards Your Employees Want But Won’t Be Happy With

You’ve surveyed your employees on the type of rewards they want and what they think will make them happy. You’ve downloaded the “research” on employee rewards. You’ve asked your close family and friends what they would want as a reward from their company. You’ve taken all that data, put it in the “datamatic blender” and […]

We Are All Eeyore – Praise VS Criticism – Know the Magic Ratio

Saying something negative to someone affects them longer than saying something nice. Praise employees on Monday – they are happy on Monday. Criticize them on Tuesday and they are in a funk the rest of the week. Here’s the downlow: we pay more attention to negative information – we incorporate it faster – we analyze it […]

19,000 Employees Can’t Be Wrong

A few weeks ago Harvard Business Review ran a post called: “The Power of Meeting Your Employees’ Needs.” This wasn’t one of those feel good posts by some no-name guru but a post based on a study with some pretty substantial data. The study was designed to get a better handle what makes us (you) […]

Motivation Isn’t Hard – Deciding How To Do It Is

I’m going to go small today and not get all long-winded and preachy. I just want you to know how to influence behavior and drive performance in your business. New Agey Motivation Theory If you were alive about 5 years ago and in business you probably were hit over the head multiple times with the […]

Cash VS Recognition – Once More Unto the Breach

[Cash VS Recognition – Once More Unto the Breach – From Paul Hebert-VP Solution Design. Read more about him on our Leadership page.  And because you know you need it – don’t forget to subscribe to one of our subscription options for 2014 here.] The other day Quantum Workplace released the results from a recent survey called […]

How Does Your Company Discuss Failure?

[New post: “How Does Your Company Discuss Failure?”  from Paul Hebert – Vice President Solution Design. You can read more about him and where he’ll be this year on our Leadership page.] A twitter exchange the other day with @IncBlot (Dr. Daniel Crosby) had me clicking some links on different psychological terms and I landed […]