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In 1992, The Miller Company began working with a couple of clients in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

We were a typical start-up company - a desk in the corner of the house, a high level of passion, and a belief in a unique idea: to use recognition systems, incentives, and promotions to communicate brands - both internally and externally - and change behaviors. Continued passion, creative ideas, dependability, and trusting clients have caused steady growth.

After 20 years of business as The Miller Company, we determined that the next 20 years would be best served by a name change that better reflected the nature of the work we’re doing now.  The Symbolist brand was created to provide the foundation for doing what we do best – helping our clients be better places to work.  We wake up every day and work to be sustainable, relevant and interested in what we can do to impact the companies we work with.

We work in an open, sustainable, creative environment that benefits our clients and nurtures the professionals who work here. We continually challenge the status quo regarding how we work and what we do. Our favorite question is "What's possible?" Tomorrow's work will be different from today's. We not only want to be ready for innovation, we want to search it out, invite it, and embrace it.