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The Values we live by at Symbolist are:



Sure, the traditional sense of the word that implies sensitivity to our environment - we office in a building designed and built to LEED specifications, we have an aggressive recycling program and we encourage the use of sustainable practices with our clients. But there's more to this than a concern for our physical world... The heart of this value deals with the individuals that work at Symbolist and requires that each of us work through what we're doing to sustain ourselves in our personal life, our work group life and our corporate life. It's a pretty cool exercise to really look in the mirror and answer the question, "What am I doing today to ensure that I can be healthy in those areas tomorrow? Next month? Next Quarter? Next Year?"


To be relevant, we have to be investing in ourselves so that we can maintain the tools necessary to do great work. Where is the energy in business today? What information do we need to be on top of it? Where do we need to train so that we understand how to be most efficient? These are the questions we are regularly asking, and answering, in an effort to do great work for our clients.


This is the action part. Being interested is not an intellectual exercise, it means taking action and demonstrating what we think we can do to help. Sometimes it means asking questions, sometimes it means suggesting answers. It never means waiting for something to happen...

Sustainable, Relevant, Interested... If we live these values, we will be pleasant to work with and highly valuable in the marketplace.