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Wondering Where We Got Our Name?

1/2 Your Experience

Symbolists – looks like a typo right?  It’s not. 

We took our name from a unique group of late 19th century artists – poets, sculptors, painters – who believed that at the end of the day – what we see, feel, hear and experience isn’t the end of the story.  Symbolists believed that life, and our experience of it, included more than the observable.


The late 19th century was a time where science was being heralded as the new religion – electricity, the gene, the beginning of “modern” physics.  Scientists were rock stars.  Intellect and inquiry were the fashion of the day.

But Symbolists believed we were more than just our intellect.  They believed that feelings, emotions and mood were as important as any new scientific discovery.  Symbolist sought to engage the entire mind and personality of the viewer by appealing to the viewer’s emotions and unconscious mind as well as intellect.

Symbolists believed that the intellect was only half of the life equation.  They believed, as we do, that life is more than just the facts.  

1/2 Your Life

As we pondered the issue of emotion, mood and intellect we realized that the “life” the symbolists were concerned about took place two places – work and not-work.  And we knew that in order to be a successful company – and a successful person – the experience at work needed to be more than the sum total of “intellectual” data points. 

How we feel at work is more than the number of zeroes on the paycheck, the number of steps from the parking lot to the front door or how many floors above the lobby your office is. 

Our business/work life is the sum total of all the emotions, feelings and moods we encounter while at work.

We believed it was time to bring some of that symbolist thinking into the business world.

1,000,000 Words

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  We believe a symbol is worth 1,000,000.

Our goal is to create the appropriate symbols of your organization – those images, words, actions, 3-dimensional items – all the ways we can manifest the feeling, mood and emotion within your company and connect that to your business success.

We know your people want more than a paycheck.  We know you want more than mercenaries.

Here at Symbolist – we’ll create the symbols, and the systems, that create 1,000,000 words and 1,000,000 feelings each time you recognize and reward an employee… a channel partner… or a customer.

That’s where Symbolist comes from – the heart… and the head.

Connect with us and find out how we create a business environment where your people want to be.