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Sabre wanted to change the “commodity” feel of their product and let their travel agents know that Sabre cares about their booking experience and they value their agents in the worldwide travel agent community. Symbolist built a key communication and loyalty p... MORE >

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We're hard-core

We really believe in this stuff. Our process below helps make it happen. (And yes, we actually follow it):


Using a proven methodology, Symbolist will work with you to determine the best solution set taking into account your company history, current culture, desired culture, executive and employee input as well as the most current practices in the world of incentives and rewards.  Our goal is to help create the unique solution that is the true representation of your company – not sell software.


We believe design is a collaborative and iterative process.  Expect to be part of the solution.  We can’t do it alone and you can’t do it as well without us.  This is when we build the team for the future.  When each of us contributes we all take ownership in the success.  This is the most fun phase of the project.


This is the most un-fun part of the project.  Kidding.  Not really – it is hard work and requires that we spend a lot of time testing and tweaking.  Our solution needs to be bullet proof and that takes some effort.  You deserve that much.  Since we aren’t forcing you into a cookie-cutter program we need to be sure we’ve got everything in line with your expectations.


Launch!  During this phase of the project (and we hope it is a very long one) you are assigned your Account Team and you will be in contact with them on a regular basis as we update you on the program operation, reporting on goals, milestones, updates, changes and successes.  Nothing spectacular happens in this phase except the fact that nothing bad happens – ever.  We see to that every day.


Solutions >

It’s what happens outside the box that makes what’s inside the box matter:


Simple. Easy. Fast. No legacy systems here. SaaS or custom - what is right for you is what we provide. Built for the enterprise -
designed for the individual.


We help you create a culture
where top performance is
the norm.  We understand
what makes people WANT
to perform.


Sometimes you just need some
advice.  We do that – intelligently,
quickly, and without the pressure
to buy a koozie.  Ask us something
– you’ll be surprised how much
fun it will be getting the answer.

Peer to Peer

Peer to peer recognition can be amazingly
transformative for an organization. We've
put together some of the best P2P (short for
Peer to Peer) programs for some of the
largest companies. Let’s talk one2one about
how we can create one for you.


Wellness is more than a cost
saving measure.  At Symbolist we
see it as another way a company
can demonstrate how much they
truly care about their employees.

right reward

right moment

right result


Whether creating reinforcement
programs for your current training –
or training your managers on how to
use recognition to really drive
business performance – we can help.


People are people and the
psychology of change and
influence is the same whether
they are employees or customers.
Let’s talk about how we can
move the needle with both.


"Do X get Y" still works.
Incentives are very powerful
tools to drive behavior in an
organization and you need
an expert to help design
them in a way that doesn’t
drive unintended consequences.


Experience matters – and rewarding
it is more important than ever – but
doing it right is tricky (hint…it’s not
about recognizing people for staying
alive and keeping their job).


Safety isn't a program - it's a
culture. Find out how we can
impact your safety measures by
defining and rewarding a culture
where safety is everyone's

We'd love to add your success story here.

Results >

  • Financial

    Recognition System



    A major financial services company was looking for a way to implement a new recognition strategy and operate multiple recognition programs across their global enterprise. 


    Symbolist worked with them to create a technology enabled Recognition and Reward System that wrapped all of their behavioral based recognition programs into an easy to use tool. 


    Our client can now access data that helps them understand how employees are responding to cultural initiatives and incentive efforts.

  • Greyhound


    Greyhound Greyhound


     Greyhound wanted to create a symbol that celebrates and honors the success of the driver workforce and the safe delivery of Greyhound customers.


    Symbolist is proud to support this effort in through the design, implementation, and ongoing operation of the Greyhound Safe Driving Award.


    A corporate-wide focus on safety and a truly engaged driver workforce. Click here to see video.

  • Club Corp

    Tenure Recognition

    Club Corp


    Club Corp’s business is all about customer service and relationships.  They wanted a tenure program that rewarded employees for building relationships and enriching the lives of their members – something that reflected their values of, “Warm Welcome, Magic Moments and a Fond Farewell”.


    For 20 years, Symbolist has operated a high value, well designed Tenure Program that acknowledged the contributions over time of ClubCorp Employee Partners.


    A greeter at The Homestead was recognized for 65 years of making members feel welcome! 

  • Sabre

    Recognition System



    Sabre wanted to change the “commodity” feel of their product and let their travel agents know that Sabre cares about their booking experience and they value their agents in the worldwide travel agent community.


    Symbolist built a key communication and loyalty program that engaged travel agents at home and abroad with a “warm” touch and regular opportunities to be rewarded for using Sabre’s industry leading technology. 


    Travel agents are more engaged; loyalty is increasing; and travel agents are receiving better communication than ever before.

  • Financial

    Tenure Recognition



    A financial services company terminated all recognition initiatives due to the pressures in the industry in 2009.  The organization desired to bring back symbolic recognition in a valuable way for their employees. 


    Symbolist designed a custom symbolic award program within budget that carried meaning to the 200,000 team members.


    The reinstituted program encouraged and recognized team members and their loyalty through the difficult times.

  • Defense

    Recognition System



    A major defense contractor needed a secure, scalable technology platform to operate a company wide Recognition and Reward System.  Because of the nature of their business, they had a heightened sensitivity to data security. 


    Symbolist exceeded their security specifications which led to expansion of the platform to encompass their bonus compensation management across the organization.


    All business units now have a common platform that enables fast and accurate recognition moments to occur while capturing data in a single environment.

  • Harris

    Recognition System



    Harris was looking for a better way to recognize employee tenure and, at the same time, create a peer to peer, performance recognition and bonus compensation tool that was easy to access and tied closely to their global culture. 


    Symbolist implemented a system wide recognition platform that highlighted the company culture while providing a retail shopping experience that dramatically improved the perceived value of the company’s investment in over 75 different countries. 


    Budget dollars are having a much greater impact and additional recognition opportunities have been created.

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